Evergrande Health Industry Group listed in Hong Kong is an active practitioner of the national strategy "Healthy China". With Health Valley as the key product, Evergrande advocates the innovative service concept of integration of disease prevention, medical treatment, health management, and medical insurance. It has built a membership platform that integrates the world-class health care, elderly care, health management and medical insurance resources, so as to provide its members of all ages with all-dimensional health care and elderly care services, and build a world leading health care resort with the largest scale and highest grade in China. In addition to the existing 9 Health Valleys in China, Evergrande plans to establish more than 100 Health Valleys nationwide in 5 years. It has also invested in BoaoEvergrande International Hospital, the only overseas affiliated hospital of Brigham and Women's Hospital that provides the world-class cancer specialist medical service. This hospital was officially opened in February 2018.